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Scribble Drawing - 2021 - pastel - small

Kathryn Markel Fine Arts is pleased to present

New watercolor paintings by Katie DeGroot

 In Conversation
Curated by Katie DeGroot and featuring works by Joan Nelson, Barbara Takenaga, Amy Talluto, Nancy Shaver, Martin Weinstein & Katie DeGroot

April 1 - May 8, 2021


Katie DeGroot's watercolor paintings celebrate the complexity and surprising beauty of the natural world of trees. With vibrant color and energetic brush strokes, DeGroot emphasizes the unique personality of each branch, each of which has earned its own specific finery of moss and fungi, by adapting to its own environment of sunlight and nutrients.

DeGroot places these diverse branches in groups of competition and conversation just as they are in nature. Although they are in the process of decay, her deft use of exuberant color and heightened, almost surreal attention to detail, animates them. As again, in nature, dying trees are the life of the forest. Nature always finds a way to live and thrive.

View the exhibition online here.


On the wall in Katie DeGroot’s upstate studio hangs a piece of paper listing several artists who have influenced her work. “They’re people I think about often,” she says. “I’ve both admired their contributions and drawn inspiration from them. This show allows me to share some of their incredible creativity with the public.”

As DeGroot began mentally assembling her works for Boscage, she came to realize that she wanted to share the show with those who had influenced her. DeGroot will present In Conversation in the back gallery featuring pieces by Joan Nelson, Nancy Shaver, Barbara Takanaga, Amy Talutto and Martin Weinstein. 


View the exhibition online here.

Together, the two galleries suggest how seemingly disparate works can be united. “We all use an image as a starting point,” DeGroot summarizes. “Each of us is making art in our own specific way. From diverse points of view to closer connections, this show lets viewers seek out the influences that have meant so much to me.”

Please note there will be no public reception, though we invite you to visit during gallery hours and to meet Katie DeGroot on April 10, 24 and May 1. 

Kathryn Markel Fine Arts

529 We. 20th St., suite 6W





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